Teachers Are Leaders: TSTT prepares a new generation of caring, competent and committed teachers.

TSTT has received national recognition for its successful career partnership model and was cited by former US Secretary of Education, Richard W. Riley as “an innovative program that embodies many of the goals and objectives for educational excellence and should serve as a model for other regions in the nation.”

TSTT has a three (3) year teacher retention rate of 93% compared to 87% nationally

TSTT has a five (5) year teacher retention rate of 90% compared to 70% nationally

TSTT Teacher Retention

Alumni Teacher Videos

Jeffery Cole:

TSTT's Letitia Payne:

TSTT's Marisol Wager:

TSTT's Maribel Carchi:

Below are a few of our 3yr, 5yr and 10yr teachers: