The critical issue of economic growth and prosperity in our nation is directly linked to the urgent need to provide the ranks of our increasingly diverse workforce with the skills they need to compete in today’s ever expanding diverse global market. Until the diversity gap closes significantly in America’s classrooms, vast numbers of students will continue to enter the workplace lacking the essential skills to get the job done. Thus, the teacher diversity gap and workforce skills gap are two sides of the same coin that are eroding the country’s competitiveness in global markets.

Employers tell us every day that they need people with more skills and more diverse skills, and that they're having trouble identifying a reliable pipeline for talent. TSTT is committed to ensuring our young people have a world-class education system that will equip our Nation to advance economic growth, encourage new investments and spark innovation.

Workforce Diversity Initiative Goals:  

  • Address the skills gap Issue
  • Increasing Workforce Diversity = Teaching + Learning + Technology
  • Address the critical importance of tackling the skills gap in the workplace i.e. STEM.
  • Identify actionable and results oriented solutions that will help young people and adults develop the skills they need to compete in a diverse global workplace