The TSTT Community College Partnership Initiative is a transformational model that ensures that culturally diverse and economically challenged high school students can become college graduates and certified teachers. Upon high school graduation, students will be enrolled in community college in an education degree program that leads to Teacher Assistant Certification.

Upon graduation from community college, TSTT will ensure that the student will be able to complete their education degree program and their credits will be transferred to a TSTT four year partnering college/university.  They will also be able to receive a minimum 50% tuition scholarship and a college mentor.  Most importantly, TSTT will provide job placement assistance as teacher assistants in their local counties.

Why is the Community College Partnership Initiative so important?

The TSTT Community College Teacher Preparation Initiative will transform the high schoolers and college students we will serve by giving them:

  • The needed financial, academic, and emotional support at a crucial time in their lives while putting them on a path to become effective transformational teachers.
  • It will transform the local county by addressing the teaching shortage, preparing teachers who can identify with the lived experience of the communities they serve, and increasing the number of teachers of color overall.
  • It will supply TSTT Teacher Assistants working toward full certification to assist in classrooms.
  • It will transform the whole notion of teacher preparation as something grown in the home community, supported by private and public support, and designed to best give back to the community it serves.